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A2 Photonic Sensors designs and manufactures innovative measurement systems for fluid mechanics and earth sciences since 2007. The company’s M2 is an advanced measurement device using a unique technology combining interferometry and mono-fiber optical probes. It is dedicated to bubbly flow and spray characterization and provides high-accuracy measurements of void/liquid fraction, bubble/droplet velocities and sizes.

The system has been successfully used in various operating conditions (high pressure, dense flows…) by many academic laboratories as well as in industry, for a wide range of applications: chemical industry, water treatment, hydrology, climatic wind tunnels, turbomachinery nozzles, agricultural sprays and many others.


Physics of Fluids (PoF) is a preeminent journal devoted to publishing original theoretical, computational, and experimental contributions to the understanding of the dynamics of gases, liquids, and complex or multiphase fluids. Both curiosity-driven and applied advances are received with enthusiasm.  Physics of Fluids publishes elegant work, often with stunning imagery, including videography. Topics published in PoF are diverse and reflect the most important subjects in fluid dynamics, including, but not limited to : Compressible Flows, Instability and Transition, Interfacial Flows, Viscous and Non-Newtonian Flows, Biofluid Mechanics, Laminar, Turbulent, and Geophysical flows, Micro-and Nanofluid Mechanics, Particulate, Multiphase, and Granular Flows.


The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, education, outreach, advocacy, and international activities. APS represents over 50,000 members, including physicists in academia, national laboratories, and industry in the United States and throughout the world. Society offices are located in College Park, MD (Headquarters), Ridge, NY, and Washington, D.C. Please stop by our booth to learn more about APS programs and services.


Founded in 1899, the American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. APS publishes the Physical Review collection, the world’s most widely read physics research and review journals. Please stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about Physical Review Fluids as well as our newest broad scope, open access journals PRX Quantum and PRX Energy.


Cambridge University Press is part of the University of Cambridge, and one of the leading publishers of books and journals in fluid dynamics. Visit our stand to discuss your publishing plans and ideas with us, learn about our plans, browse both our latest and our classic publications. Ask us about Open Access publishing. Take advantage of our conference offers, such as 30% off all books on display and free shipping. Find out about how to access our online collection that includes the best in online learning materials as well as free articles and chapters.


Dantec Dynamics develops and manufactures measurement systems that determine physical properties in fluids and in solid structures. We deliver turnkey as well as customized solutions with user-friendly software. Furthermore, our clients benefit from superior technical application support worldwide.

You gain accurate measurement results easily and quickly which help you accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, quality control or NDT. Our distinct competence and experience in integrating measurement methods and technologies into the right solution for you, is unique.
Partnering with Dantec Dynamics helps you gain crucial knowledge from any test or measurement campaign.

Dantec Dynamics – Turn Measurements into Knowledge


Kanomax is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and was founded in 1934. With more than 80-years accumulated knowledge and knowhow, Kanomax strives to deliver the best measurement solutions with its products and services. They adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles across several research areas and industries all over the world. As cutting-edge fluid measurement solutions, several research institutes, universities, and industries have adopted our proprietary Laser Doppler Velocimeter and hot-wire flow velocimeter for a long time. Now we are working on visualization techniques and film probes for anemometer to create the future of measurement and further help you.


LaVision develops integrated measurement systems for experimental fluid dynamics including combusting and multiphase flows, material characterization, and in cylinder/combustion chamber measurement for the automotive and aerospace markets.  LaVision is the market leader in image based measurement systems playing a pioneering role in the development of techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry, laser Induced Fluorescence, Digital Image Correlation, Background Oriented Schlieren and Infra-Red Absorption Spectroscopy. By partnering with leading Universities and Research Institutions, LaVision stays at the forefront of measurement science and ensures that the products and services provided remain relevant to the Academic, Government and Industrial sectors it serves.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is the “go to” laboratory for science & technology solutions to the toughest and most important problems affecting national and global security. If you are interested in contributing to pushing the frontiers of knowledge to build the scientific and technological foundation that will be needed to address the national security issues of the future, then we invite you to apply!


MSE, Inc. manufactures miniature laser sensors for fluid, surface, and particle velocity measurements, specializing in custom specifications. Products include: miniLDV, the industry’s smallest LDV for velocity of fluid flow and surfaces; microPro for wall shear stress measurement; microV, the industry’s smallest time-of-flight velocity sensor; 2D LCA (Laser Cantilever Anemometer) a robust improvement on the hot wire; and miniLDV G5B for wind and water tunnel monitoring. New this year: LDSV (Laser Doppler Surface Velocimeter) for industrial applications; Drag-on-Demand for 2D time-resolved drag of scaled models in gas and liquid; and OPS (Optical Particle Sizing) for measuring particle speed, size, and count.


Since 2002, Microvec has been offering PIV, PTV, DIC, and LDV systems worldwide to aid in the furthering of scientific research. With its innovative and patented techniques, Microvec has managed to introduce new technologies and distribute world-class systems to universities and other organizations. Microvec continuously strives to use its research to discover new ways to further the capabilities of technology used in scientific research. Recently, Microvec has developed ground-breaking AI PIV software based on deep learning techniques to achieve high spatial resolution results not possible with traditional PIV.


Photron is a global leader in high-speed imaging technology and slow-motion analysis. The company has helped revolutionize the industry by providing extraordinary light sensitivity in its high-speed imaging camera products. Markets include the scientific, R&D, manufacturing, automotive, military/defense, aerospace, and medical industries. Photron’s high-speed cameras are used in a great number of applications including fluidics research. Their popular FASTCAM Nova family of cameras features seven different models, with recording rates up to 20,000fps at megapixel resolution and 1.1Mfps at reduced image resolutions, along with shutter speeds to 0.2μs.  4K cameras with 9.4-megapixel resolution and recording rates to 1,250fps are also available.


SIAM publishes textbooks, monographs, software guides, and more. Visit our booth to browse new and backlist titles, and take advantage of the discounted conference pricing. SIAM partners with authors to publish books of outstanding quality and accessible pricing. If you’re interested in writing a book, speak to Executive Editor Elizabeth Greenspan at the SIAM booth.


With over 80 years of experience, Spraying Systems Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial spray products offering a vast array of more than 100,000 top-quality spray nozzles and accessories. In addition, we produce headers, manifolds and many fully-automated spray systems. Our ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 approved manufacturing, world-wide presence and highly skilled sales staff make us uniquely qualified to help you with your specific spray application.